Two slaps and a push

And it is depressing. It is painful. It is pathetic. They both were looking into each others eyes with anger. Both hated each other. I was in the kitchen when she started talking loudly. She was yelling at Papa. Papa is always calm and trys to make understand. But she is stubborn. She is cruel. I tried to make her understand too but she was arogant.She said she would hit Papa if i was absent there. I couldn't handle myself and threw an object on the ground with harsh anger which landed near her. Their conversation was killing me inside. "I want to die" she said. A home without mother wasn't imaginable. We all love her and when she behaves this way it goes out of mind that we adore her.
The object landed near her and in anger she stood up and walked towards me holding the hard metal in her hand. For a second i thought she would hit me with that. Rather she slapped me hardly and pushed me out of the kitchen. She is mean. Pushed me out of the back door of the house and…
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